Adoptable Dogs

  • All of our dogs are adopted as indoor house pets only. No outdoor runs or permanent tie-outs are allowed.
  • We adopt to residents of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri in locations we have volunteers.
  • All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and spayed or neutered prior to adoption.
  • GSDRI has the right to decline any applicant for any reason.
  • If you have questions, email

Hello, this is Aslan, a 2 year old long haired male German Shepherd Dog Aslan was surrendered by a family with young children. They were concerned that he would not be friendly around the other kids that would come and go into their house. Aslan never harmed anyone, but he has a loud long bark and is protective of the family unit. Strangers/door knockers are going to get an earful. Aslan may not do well in a house with a lot of people coming and going or small children. At his foster home Aslan is a very happy dog. He loves to be petted and scratched. Playing fetch with a squeaky tennis ball is one of his favorite activities in the yard (or house!) Aslan plays and gets along with three other large dogs. He loves walks too, when the leashes come out, he goes nuts. He is eager to please and if he feels you are mad at him he will give you small kisses to make it better. Aslan has had training and listens pretty well to basic commands. His recall is pretty good as he loves being with his humans. If invited up on the bed/chair, Aslan will cuddle, but if commanded to get down he does so and sleeps at the foot of the bed on his own pad. He doesnt gravitate toward furniture much, but prefers to stay at your feet. He will chew on bones and chewy toys (see ball above). The month hes been at his foster home he has not destroyed a single thing, even when left alone for a few hours. Aslan has only a small prey drive as he looks at squirrels and rabbits and our backyard chickens with curiosity, but has not given chase. He is VERY fast and could likely catch whatever he wants!! Kennel training is done, if needing to be secure for a bit. Aslan sees it as a safe spot as that is where he spent a couple days with us as he was decompressing. He does not need to be kenneled in the house. He is well potty trained and with asks with pushy nuzzling or whiny stares to be let outside. Aslan has been diagnosed with irritable small bowel. He is thin and needs some coaxing to eat his special food which he will need to be on for the rest of his years. The wrong proteins/fats will irritate his stomach, so treat/food selection is key. Aslan will be hard for us as fosters to give up as he is so loving and beautiful. Will you be his next great home???

Adult, Male, Large
Bandit (Silver)
Bandit (Silver)Bandit (Silver)Bandit (Silver)Bandit (Silver)

Bandit is a curious little cutie that is always excited to grab your shoes and pants when walking. He is a nosy little squirt and likes to be involved in anything and everything that is going on. He is being raised in a home with chicken, cats, dogs, horses, and chicken. Bandit will be adopted out with an addendum that requires proof of 12 and 16 week shots as well as proof of a neuter by his first birthday. His adopter will also need to have a training plan in place to assure he grows into a good citizen.

Baby, Male, Small
Bart (Green)
Bart (Green)Bart (Green)Bart (Green)Bart (Green)

Bart gets his 8 week shots on 4/26 and then will be ready to head to his forever home! He is a sweet little boy who likes to go with the flow and follow his siblings around. Bart comes with an addendum requiring proof of 12 and 16 week vaccinations be supplied to his foster mom as well as proof of neuter by his first birthday. GSDRI also requires that you have a training plan in place to assure he becomes a good citizen.

Baby, Male, Small

Dillinger, who is also looking for a forever home, was acquired from deathrow at the wichita kill shelter. He is a b/t shepherd male recently neutered and is estimated to be 2-3 yr old. For lack of a better word, Dillinger attacks himself and appears to be biting himself between his penis and his leg (after some spinning); (he is NOT injuring himself) If you try to mess with him during an episode, he will growl. He has been started on Prozac 40mg for these episodes. I feel he is doing this as an attention getter if you ignore him, he quickly stops. If you mess with his rear, like pushing him into a crate, he will growl/grumble. During his growling, he has NOT actually offered to bite. He likes to mark on everything Seems to do well with other shepherds unknown with cats HW pos treated Dec 2021 rabies / DHPP 11-6-2021 no lepto Lepto yes 12/2021 Neutered on: 1-20-2022 Housebroke: unknown Crate trained: maybe-you have to push him into one, will quiet down after a while, but can be noisy and paw at crate floor when he wants out. Dillinger will be available for adoption once he has a negative heartworm test.

Adult, Male, Large

Ebony came into rescue from a small rural shelter in Missouri on March 1 as an unclaimed stray. Ebony is estimated to be a 12-15 month old black female shepherd coming out of her first heat. She wants so much to please you and for your attention. She does get excited and jumps on you, but not aggressively in the least. Ebony has shown NO aggression to any of her foster shepherds (either sex) in her brief contact with them. She is untested with cats. Ebony is a good girl who needs a family that will dedicate themselves to her training. With dedication, Ebony will reward her family with many years of loyalty.

Young, Female, Medium

Ellie is looking for her furever home. Ellie is a 4 yr old spayed female that came to rescue as an owner surrender because she nipped a customer at a home based business. The owner said she had to go - either a new home or she was going to be put down. Ellie was heartworm positive but has been through treatment and is now clear of the little buggers. She will need to be on preventative for the rest of her life to minimize the chance of a recurrence. Ellie is a dominant female that will get right up in the face of her foster brothers. She may not do well with female dogs. She is NOT good with cats. She plays rough so small dogs might not do well with her. Ellie appears to have a strong prey drive because of her attentativeness to birds and squirrels. She loves to jump in the pond and go for a swim. Ellie does well in a crate. Ellie will need a strong individual that take advantage of her food motivation and dedicate to training. She is so smart and willing to please.

Adult, Female, Large

Ghost is looking for a loyal family to call his own. Ghost was found as a stray in rural central Missouri on March 14. Despite 2300 shares, no one came forward to claim him. We believe Ghost was dumped because he stayed in the same location for 3 days, ever faithful, waiting for his family to return. They didn't and Ghost found his way to rescue. Ghost is approximately one year old. He will be neutered and vetted April 26. Ghost is somewhat shy and submissive and lets another young female foster push him around. He does like to dump his water bucket. Currently, unknown with cats and small animals. He is eager to please.

Young, Male, Large

Hi my name is Lina and I am a 10 month old German Shepherd girl. I was rescued and brought to my foster family with absolutely no training. In fact, I spent the first 8 months of my life living in a crate with my 3 siblings. That's right, we slept, ate, drank, and relieved ourselves in the same crate. We were severely underweight and infested with parasites and worms. With just a few weeks of proper food, medications, and training, I have learned basic obedience. I am a super smart girl. I know sit, down, and shake! My foster family is helping me learn patience too. I sit down before I come out of my kennel in the morning. I sit down before I eat my food. I admit, I am still working on pottying outside but I almost have it. Besides all my obedience training, I am learning what it feels like to be loved! I am learning how wonderful toys are! I love squeaky toys the best. I have foster siblings who are all bigger than me, GSDs and Labs. But that doesn't stop us from rough housing. We play and play. Until they get tired and tell me enough. I have learned to respect that too. I have a foster sibling that is a cat. She isn't too fond of me. But, I keep trying to win her over. When she tells me no, I do listen. I behave around small children. I walk pretty well on a leash. I am still learning. After all my learning and playing all day, I love to snuggle on the couch or in bed with my foster parents. It's very tiring to learn so much.

Young, Female, Small

Adult, Female, Large

Introducing this young at heart boy. His name is Rambo and we believe he is approximately 6yrs old. Rambo was on the euthanasia list in a kennel down south because it got into a little bit of trouble and bit the neighbor. After seeing his video posted and how sweet he was, we wanted to give him a 2nd chance. Rambo is a good boy and would make an older couple very happy. He needs a home where he can just be a dog and not have strict rules. He is looking for a home that would be quiet, no kids and no small animals. He seems to get along with other dogs who are laid back as well. He does not like to be forced to do things he doesnt want to do. I think a couch and a fenced in backyard is exactly what he wants in his life. If you think this boy would fit into your home, please fill out an application.

Adult, Male, Large

Meet Roxie! This wonderful girl came into our lives after a very traumatic car accident. She has been recovering in the care of her foster family, and is now ready to be adopted!! Roxie is a smaller lady with beautiful blonde features. She is quite possibly the most friendly shepherd ever made. Shes never met a stranger. Although she will say hello to everyone in a room, she seems more drawn to the men around her. She wants you to know that the 0 on the end of her weight is a formality, shes actually only 6 pounds, and belongs in your lap. Roxie has a high prey drive. She has done well in her foster home with a cat and small caged pets, but does need to be closely supervised. Anything smaller than her (even small dogs) interests her very much, and she will need to be watched closely. She has not interacted with many children, but she seems very happy whenever she sees one. Roxie doesnt really know her own strength, though, and could easily knock them over. While recuperating from her injuries Roxie has learned a few words, but has struggled with leash manners. Such exciting things out in the world! Roxie will need someone that is has the time to keep her busy and exercised, as well as teach her some confidence and some manners. Roxie could definitely be a dog that goes everywhere with her people, she just needs a bit of direction and a way to let off some steam. Now that she has been cleared by her surgeon she has been able to zoom around to her hearts content and her wonderful personality is really starting to shine. Now that shes able to get out some of her energy she is learning words so quickly! She is loving car rides and interacting with new people! Her foster family is so excited to see her healed, and cant wait to meet the right people for her!

Adult, Female, Large

Samson is a bit of a split personality dog. He is well behaved with his person, but he will take advantage of a bite opportunity with just about anyone else (anxiety/fear bite). We are working with him but his adoptive person will have to commit to training and protecting Samson from his worst side. He is a resource guarder and his person is his resource. He has not shown us consistent triggers. Samson has a bite history. Our foster dropped their guard and Samson took advantage and bit a teenager. We will not place Samson in a home with children as they are too unpredictable. Samson walks well on a leash and shows some interest in other people and dogs outside. Samson does show signs of separation anxiety.. He enjoys going for runs on a leash and has gone for about 3 miles at a time. Samson LOVES squeaky toys but needs some that are pretty tough. He is good at "sit", "stay", "lay", "come", "front" and "shake'. Samson has the potential to be a great companion for someone willing to put in the time and training dollars to work with him. UPDATE: Samson completed 7 weeks of K9 training and is choke chain trained. He has been better about strangers petting him while in leash but it's a slow process. Samson is currently on anxiety medicine to help him. He has not had any resource guarding issues with his current foster and even lays at his food bowl until the food is dumped in. Samson has interacted well with other dogs and has not shown aggression. Samson has nor shown issues with his paws being touched/cleaned/ or nails trimmed either. Samson will do well in a structured home with a strong handler. A single owner or couple with experience with dogs is recommended

Adult, Male, Large

Young, Female, Large
Togo (CM05)
Togo (CM05)

Togo was listed as a stray and on the euthanized list in Wichita. He is the BIGGEST lover EVER!! Sometimes too much lol. He loves loves giving kisses. He knows how to sit and lay down. He does need more training with leash work and his jumping. (He loves to give his humans hugs and face kisses) but needs to know that he needs to be invited to do that. Because of this and his size, a home without small children is needed. He did great with Nymeria when we introduced him but cats are unknown. His quirks: He is a jumper and can clear a 6ft fence. I personally dont think he would if he was with another dog or human but just left in the backyard, he could. He is a big boy and will knock you over if you arent prepared, so no small children. He came here with a marking problem. He has since been neutered and we have been working on that by distracting him when we think he is about to mark. I also bought him a belly band but havent used it yet. Togo needs to be in with a family and spoiled rotten. If you are interested in a lieftime pf sloppy kisses, Togo is your guy.

Adult, Male, Large
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