Adoptable Dogs

  • All of our dogs are adopted as indoor house pets only. No outdoor runs or permanent tie-outs are allowed.
  • We adopt to residents of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri in locations we have volunteers.
  • All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and spayed or neutered prior to adoption.
  • GSDRI has the right to decline any applicant for any reason.
  • If you have questions, email

Hello, this is Aslan, a 3 year old long haired male German Shepherd Dog. Aslan will need a special & patient home. He absolutely needs an owner that has experience with German Shepherds or very similar breeds. Please be sure your situation fits him. He will be a slower to adopt dog as we want to make absolutely sure we have him matched well and in the best situation for him. You must be willing to handle a strong willed dog & lead him with full confidence. There are basic rules that will apply to him and how he meets/greets you and future guests. They are pretty easy, but allow him to gain the confidence he will need to thrive. Aslan was surrendered by a family with young children. They were concerned that he would not be friendly around the other kids that would come and go into their house. Aslan never harmed anyone, but he has a loud long bark and is protective of the family unit. He has lunged and made contact with a person, but did not break skin. Strangers/door knockers are going to get an earful. Aslan will not do well in a house with a lot of people coming and going or small children. At his foster home Aslan is a very happy dog. He loves to be petted and scratched. Playing fetch with a squeaky tennis ball is one of his favorite activities in the yard (or house!) Aslan plays and gets along with four other large dogs. He loves walks too, when the leashes come out, he goes nuts. He is eager to please and if he feels you are mad at him he will give you small kisses to make it better. Aslan has had training and listens pretty well to basic commands. His recall is pretty good as he loves being with his humans. If invited up on the bed/chair, Aslan will cuddle, but if commanded to get down he does so and sleeps at the foot of the bed on his own pad. He doesnt gravitate toward furniture much, but prefers to stay at your feet. He will chew on bones and chewy toys (see ball above). The month hes been at his foster home he has not destroyed a single thing, even when left alone for a few hours. Aslan has only a small prey drive as he looks at squirrels and rabbits and our backyard chickens with curiosity, but has not given chase. He is VERY fast and could likely catch whatever he wants!! Kennel training is done, if needing to be secure for a bit. Aslan sees it as a safe spot as that is where he spent a couple days with us as he was decompressing. He does not need to be kenneled in the house. He is well potty trained and with asks with pushy nuzzling or whiny stares to be let outside. Aslan has been diagnosed with irritable small bowel. He is thin and needs some coaxing to eat his special food which he will need to be on for the rest of his years. The wrong proteins/fats will irritate his stomach, so treat/food selection is key. Aslan will be hard for us as fosters to give up as he is so loving and beautiful. Will you be his next great home???

Adult, Male, Large

Axl loves attention and follows his human all over the house. He chases after toys in the house and retrieves them. He stays in the yard during supervised play time and enjoys sniffing around the yard. Axl comes when called. He has a fierce bark and is an excellent watch dog. He wants to be close and will jump on the bed or couch if invited. Axl is working on not being jealous of other dogs that walk up to his human, growling when another dog is to close. Axl has never offered to bite, instead is very loving to his humans once he trusts you.

Young, Male, Large
Belle CCCR
Belle CCCRBelle CCCRBelle CCCRBelle CCCRBelle CCCRBelle CCCR

Belle is a fighter. She didnt even have time to be a puppy before she was in an accident, getting hit by a car. This strong little girl spent 2 months at the ISU vet hospital and was released in February with braces on her hind legs to keep her from knuckling. She has improved so much since then. Since coming to her foster family Belle has learned and enjoyed being a puppy again. She has one brace off full time and her other brace is being left off more often then not. She LOVES her foster mom and her foster uncle. She loves to run around and be crazy with her two GSD foster siblings. Belle loves the kitties and really just wants them to love her as much as she loves them! Belle is potty trained and crate trained. She will do anything for a snack! Before bed we do some stretching with both her feet, hip, and legs. She also gets massages with a massager and she LOVES it. (Picture above) We are currently enrolled in a 6 week puppy class and we will be done soon! Belle is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, she fought so hard to get where she is today, and is waiting for someone to give her a forever home!

Young, Female, Medium

Boho is a beautiful long coat German Shepherd female. She has been passed around from shelter to adopter and back, twice. Boho has a difficult time settling in to her new surroundings. She does not like people "in her face". She has bitten on at least 2 occassions when people have surprised her. Neither bite required medical attention, and neither bite was officially reported. However, we will always give all available information to potential adopters. We will not adopt Boho out to anyone with children. We will not adopt Boho out to an inexperienced adopter. We will also be giving Boho plenty of time in foster care to assess her triggers and work on the behavior. Boho gets along with other dogs. She is not a fan of cats.

Adult, Female, Large

Charlie is a big boy who found himself dumped at the shelter when his owner had no time for him. Charlie is has energy to spare, but he is content to be by your side. Given his abandonment, he needs time to learn to trust you. But, when he does, he will give you his whole heart. Charlie loves to play ball. Charlie loves butt scratches so much that he purrs (growls) a little bit. Charlie is learning how to walk nicely on a leash. Due to his size, he will need an experienced owner. He also needs slow introductions to new dogs. He gets along well, but shows some dominance. He will play bow and play nicely when he is ready. Again, due to size alone, we wouldn't recommend small children in Charlie's life. He is a big boy and full of energy.

Adult, Male, Large

My name is Gus, but I answer to Gussy, Wussy, Gussy the Bear, almost anything. I am a big boy, I am working on it but these things take time. I might have a little mountain dog in me, I love to roll in the snow. I love going for walks with my foster dad and I am really good off leash. I get lots of off leash privileges when we walk. I love to chase geese but I haven't caught any yet. When my dad is at work, I get the whole house to myself and never abuse it or get into things Im not suppose to. I also stay off the furniture, not because I was told to, but because its just how I roll. I never knew what a bed was until I came to my foster dads house, now I love sleeping on it. Beds are the best! Also, I am very patient when my foster dad is home and just hang out until its my turn to go do something. Oh yeah, and I love car rides! Im a rescue from Waterloo. My first year I was on a chain and mildly abused. My second owner adopted me and I lived outside in a large fenced yard for about two years. My owner had shops outside and I would spend time with him in the shops. He liked to feed me people food and I got up to 160 lbs. Then my owner had to go to a home and I went to live with my foster dad in January. Since then, we have been working on my manners and Im learning to dog. I wasnt heavily socialized so I have some learning to do. The good news is Im really smart and I am getting better every day. I was maced by a delivery driver once and I still remember that. So when people offer me their hand to sniff, I get scared and bark. If you just ignore me, then I am content to hang out. Once I know you and trust you, then you can snuggle with me and touch me. When I first came downtown, lots of things scared me. I have learned to be confident and I keep growing every day. I get along with other dogs, I even live with one now. Just remember, I can get a little scared. We have been working on my weight and I am down to 115 pounds (June 21st) and still losing weight. I have been a good sport about losing weight but cant wait to get to my proper weight so I can eat a little more. The vet is monitoring me each month and we are not sure what my healthy weight is yet. Im curious about cats but probably should not be around them. Also, since I grew up without socialization, my foster dad does not let me around small children. I have a big heart and respond well to new boundaries my foster dad sets for me, but I still have work to do. If you are up for a big baby like me, I think we will get along great!

Adult, Male, Extra Large
Hank (FKA Ralph)
Hank (FKA Ralph)Hank (FKA Ralph)Hank (FKA Ralph)Hank (FKA Ralph)Hank (FKA Ralph)Hank (FKA Ralph)

Hey everyone, my name is Hank, FKA Ralph, as a new life deserves a new name. I am a very curious and energetic 12 month old looking for a family who is experienced, loving, and patient. I am working on basic commands, plus learning to give back the frisbee after I retrieve it. I believe I would enjoy learning agility and scent work. I love to go on walks, and could be a great running partner. After training to wear me out physical and mentally, I will insist on snuggle with my family. I am house broken and mostly kennel trained. When I get anxious I spin in circles, but my very inexpensive medicine (approximately $4/month), exercise, and training helps me control this. While I am curious, I should not be in a home with cats. I am still a puppy and am learning boundaries with my foster dog siblings. With training and consistency, I will make an amazing family dog. My FM says I will give you many years of love and comic relief.

Young, Male, Large

Meet Hope! She's a sweet girl! She's learning new things and loves exploring. She's now learned to sit and come to her name. She has not been around cats but loves to play and run with her foster siblings (Shepherd and Boxer). Her foster sibling (Boxer) doesn't always like to play as much as she would want to but does respect those boundaries and will go find something else to do. She is kennel trained and doesn't mind going in her kennel when the humans have to leave. She's been left outside the kennel for short periods of time but if left too long, she turns into Dora the Explorer. She has been left out of the kennel at night and will sleep next her humans bed on her blanket, with no issues. When she first came into her foster home, she had a couple accidents in the home but since has learned or acclimated to go outside. It may have just been the new environment, as well. Hope was somewhat timid when she first arrived but warmed up very quickly. She's friendly to new people, both adults and children. She's been taken to PetSmart and walked around there, with no issues. She enjoys playing outside and chewing on her bones. Hope would probably do best with another larger dog to play with and a yard to run in. She loves spending time outside! LOVES playing in the snow! She, also, does fine in a vehicle. She's had her nails trimmed with no issues or aggression. Hope would make a good addition to any loving home with another dog!

Adult, Female, Large

Ben and Jerry are brothers from the same litter. They are very sweet boys that love attention, but play a ton on their own. They love being outside playing or lounging around in the house with a good Nylabone. They have been learning house manners, but still have some accidents (overactive bladders). They eat nicely along with two other adult GSDs. They can be touched and petted when they are eating. They have learned some obedience and like to sit nicely for treats. They kennel very nicely. They both travel well. Jerry has been tested by Iowa Service Dogs to become a PTSD service dog. He passed well. But they do not have a trainer available for him now. He could make a great service or emotional support dog with training. Jerry would take to positive training really well.

Young, Male, Large

My name is Madison and Im an eight year old long coat German Shepherd Dog. I am a petite girl who enjoys freedom in the house but dont let my good looks fool you - I am a very smart girl and love to steal food when youre not looking! I am a polite GSD who doesnt jump on humans but I do like to bark when the mail gets delivered. If youre patient with me, I can do well on a leash, youll just have to help me calm down when I get excited at the squirrel/bunny/bird that I see. I am potty trained and I know sit, stay, and will usually wait for my food if you tell me! I love squeak balls and love a good hard chew. Im not sure how I feel about other dogs - I see them at the groomers but I usually start to squeal. Im kind of picky when it comes to other dogs and Ive never met a cat before. Ive never met a stranger I didnt like and Ive even been around kids, old and young! I have a fenced-in backyard but I usually stay on a leash because I still havent mastered coming back when called. Im looking for someone who has patience and knowledge of GSDs and would love someone who can take me for a nice, long walk.

Senior, Female, Large

Princess was surrendered to Dallas (TX) Animal Services earlier this year. A friends daughter fostered her and found her to be sweet. However, it didnt work with her other pets, so she took her back. Princess had a hard time at the shelter with a few incidents. I agreed to take her, and my friends daughter pulled her on the day she was to be euthanized. I picked her up in early April. At the time, she had heartworm. Treatment was completed. Shes probably due for a check on it now. The Dallas shelter had her as 13, but everyone here thinks shes younger. Maybe 10. When she was surrendered, she was in heat. They spayed her at the shelter. Since Ive had her, shes been sweet to others other than the growls at repairmen. She likes to lick people. Now the special issues she has. Princess has separation anxiety. Shes gone from Prozac when I picked her up to trazadone. The trazadone helps a lot. Acepromazine was too strong, but the boarding place I use sometimes gives her half doses if needed. I can now leave her for several hours without anything happening to the house. She became smart to my tricks to get her into the crate at night, so I leave her out now. She really doesnt get along with other animals. I was told that when I got her, so Ive left my four cats in bedrooms since she arrived. Thats a huge reason why Id like to find her a forever home. Im not skilled with dogs though, so maybe someone could help her overcome that problem. I understand that she was surrendered with another dog. I also go out of town a lot, so I end up boarding her. The staff of the daycare/boarding facility love her. She is kept away from direct contact with other dogs. Its been mentioned that she has made a lot of progress since she started there. Shes less reactive when other dogs go by her pen. I think the best scenario for her would be with someone who is home a lot and has no other pets. She definitely loves her humans.

Senior, Female, Large

Victor is a lover!! He wants attention and will follow people around the house. He has a fierce bark but makes friends with other dogs fast. He tolerates cats well during play, sniffs them and leaves them when called. He enjoys being brushed and running after toys. Victor stays in the yard during play time and comes when called. Victor is learning the leash, and is improving, he is kennel trained, and house trained. Victor is afraid of new dogs and people at first but warms up and joins the family unit quickly.

Young, Male, Large

Meet Mr. Wrangler! Wrangler is a goofy 10 month old pup with a big heart and sensitive sole. Wrangler is shy around new people and places. But give him a few moments and he will become friends with everyone! Wrangler came to us after being hit by a car. Because of this he is very fearful of moving cars, but rides in them just fine. He had injuries to both of his back legs. But thanks to some amazing medical treatment, Wrangler is doing fantastic. He had a procedure called an FHO (a femoral head osteotomy) on one of his legs. He is recovering from this procedure and is doing fantastic. His gait may never be normal but it doesnt slow him down! Wrangler is amazing with other dogs. His foster siblings adore him. He has not been around cats. Wrangler would benefit from basic obedience classes and still has puppy tendencies. But he 1000% wants to be a good boy! Can he crash at your place?

Young, Male, Large

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