Adoptable Dogs

  • All of our dogs are adopted as indoor house pets only. No outdoor runs or permanent tie-outs are allowed.
  • We adopt to residents of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri in locations we have volunteers.
  • All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and spayed or neutered prior to adoption.
  • GSDRI has the right to decline any applicant for any reason.
  • If you have questions, email

Hello, this is Aslan, a 2 year old long haired male German Shepherd Dog Aslan was surrendered by a family with young children. They were concerned that he would not be friendly around the other kids that would come and go into their house. Aslan never harmed anyone, but he has a loud long bark and is protective of the family unit. Strangers/door knockers are going to get an earful. Aslan may not do well in a house with a lot of people coming and going or small children. At his foster home Aslan is a very happy dog. He loves to be petted and scratched. Playing fetch with a squeaky tennis ball is one of his favorite activities in the yard (or house!) Aslan plays and gets along with three other large dogs. He loves walks too, when the leashes come out, he goes nuts. He is eager to please and if he feels you are mad at him he will give you small kisses to make it better. Aslan has had training and listens pretty well to basic commands. His recall is pretty good as he loves being with his humans. If invited up on the bed/chair, Aslan will cuddle, but if commanded to get down he does so and sleeps at the foot of the bed on his own pad. He doesnt gravitate toward furniture much, but prefers to stay at your feet. He will chew on bones and chewy toys (see ball above). The month hes been at his foster home he has not destroyed a single thing, even when left alone for a few hours. Aslan has only a small prey drive as he looks at squirrels and rabbits and our backyard chickens with curiosity, but has not given chase. He is VERY fast and could likely catch whatever he wants!! Kennel training is done, if needing to be secure for a bit. Aslan sees it as a safe spot as that is where he spent a couple days with us as he was decompressing. He does not need to be kenneled in the house. He is well potty trained and with asks with pushy nuzzling or whiny stares to be let outside. Aslan has been diagnosed with irritable small bowel. He is thin and needs some coaxing to eat his special food which he will need to be on for the rest of his years. The wrong proteins/fats will irritate his stomach, so treat/food selection is key. Aslan will be hard for us as fosters to give up as he is so loving and beautiful. Will you be his next great home???

Adult, Male, Large
Boyd (Zeus)
Boyd (Zeus)Boyd (Zeus)Boyd (Zeus)Boyd (Zeus)Boyd (Zeus)

Boyd is a young German Shepherd estimated to be about 11 months old. He was used to being tied up outside prior to coming to Iowa so when he arrived at his new foster home it was clear he would need to learn some house manners. Luckily Boyd is a very smart boy and is easily redirected and catches on quickly. He has adjusted to his foster home very well and his manners are already much improved. He is primarily housetrained with only the occasional accident. Boyd has been crate trained at night and when his foster parents are not home and he does great, no crate accidents ever! Boyd gets very excited when it is time to eat and tends to eat very quickly so his foster parents have been using a puzzle bowl to feed him to help him slow down. Boyd is in a foster home with two elementary age kids and does very well with them. He enjoys their energy and the extra pets and attention. Boyds foster home also has several cats and Boyd does well with them overall. The cats do not typically want to play with Boyd like he wishes they would, so he has learned to just leave them be while they are taking their cat naps. Boyds very favorite part of his foster home is his slightly older foster sister, Arya, a 2-year-old German Shepherd. They both have a lot of energy and love to play and chase each other around the house and the yard. When they get tired, they like to lay down together and rest until theyre ready to play again, which usually does not take long. They share their toys well and can often be found sharing the same chew toy or swapping toys with each other, even when there are plenty of other toys to choose from. At times Boyd and Arya can get a little too excited while playing together and rough house a bit. It is always done in fun and is never aggressive or mean. When this happens, their humans redirect them and tell them to play nice or theyll have to separate and go to puppy time out. They dont like to be away from each other so theyre both learning better manners when it comes to playing together. Boyd has shown that he is a smart boy and while he will need to continue to work on developing his manners and learning more commands and tricks, he has responded very well to verbal redirection and treats as a reward system thus far. He is very polite when taking treats and hasnt found a type of treat he doesnt like yet. Boyd does well on a leash overall with minimal pulling but this isnt something he has worked on much in his foster home. Like a typical young dog Boyd loves to chew. He does well with sticking to chewing on his toys, bones, and rawhides for the most part but sometimes he likes to find things that the human children have left on the floor. Like a young child, he does fine as long as you keep an eye on him and give him plenty of things to keep him busy and entertained. If you are looking for a sweet, smart boy who is pretty laid back but also has plenty of energy to play to add to your home then Boyd just might be your guy.

Young, Male, Large

Greta is a sweet 4 year old female GSD. Miss Greta is an active, sweet girl. She would do well in a home with an experienced GSD owner. Greta does not do well with cats but does well with other dogs once she gets used to them. When she meets new dogs, she does act scared and barks at them which can be frightening due to her size but she doesn't have any aggression issues. She is very, very vocal so a home would work best as opposed to an apartment. Her previous owners stated that she is fine around all ages. She loves to go for walks and play fetch. Greta has a typical GSD personality so she does bark to alert her owner. But she is house trained and kennel trained although she will whine until you leave. She truly is a sweet, wonderful dog.

Adult, Female, Large

Jaeger is a big lovable boy. He has some quirks that you should be aware of. He loves people and plays and lives well with people. He is not confident around other dogs. His reaction to them is loud and could scare people. I think his reaction is "I'm going to eat you before you eat me." It is more nervous and anxious than aggression. But it is something that could be addressed with time and training. He also chases his tail, a lot.... Work on disrupting the behavior works,and have seen great improvements. We think the tail chasing is a result of being confined too much as a pup. He will likely need to be on medication for his anxiety. That helps a ton. We recommend that he lives in a house where he is the only animal (dog or cat). Because of his size, he may be best around older kids, as he is a gentle giant with people, but certainly does not know how big he is. So what is great about this rather large, beautiful Shepherd? Just about everything else. He is highly trainable, very intelligent, and very loving. Physically, he is a great looking dog, in very good health. We would be so excited for him to find his forever home. He is an awesome dog, and would make the right family an excellent companion.

Young, Male, Large

Say hello to sweet Merah. Her name means "princess" and she defiantly is that but with a big side of sass! Merah was turned in to the shelter as a stray by someone who was suspected to be her owner. She was slightly reactive to humans due to fear. As soon as we got her out of the shelter setting she opened up and started loving life. She is good with other dogs as long as she is properly introduced. She will resource guard her human if allowed. Merah is happiest when she is with her human. She wants to work. She wants to run. She wants to be a good girl. When her human is around everything else fades. She is learning that fetch is fun and leaps like a gazelle to get the ball. She is extremely fast and agile. She is still timid on a leash and likes to circle her human when walking. She has quickly learned to go potty outside, kennel up, and sit. Merah is doing well with the cats, she likes to investigate them but quickly backs off once they swat her. She is good with kids although she does not know her size and is still a mouthy puppy. She will barrel right over a small child without even realizing that she did it. Her most favorite thing in the world besides running is snuggling up on the couch ON your lap. Once again she does not know her size. We would like to see Merah in an active home that will challenge her. She needs training, socialization, exercise, consistency, and stability. She will only be adopted out to an experienced GSD owner that has a plan to train her like she needs. Her foster home absolutely adores her and will only adopt her out to a home that checks all the boxes. Her foster home is currently working on: leash walking, jumping, personal space, boundaries, resource guarding other dogs from human.

Young, Female, Medium

Rain is a 2 year old male. Rain is shy at first but once you gain his trust, he is a loyal companion. Rain prefers women but has never been aggressive towards mend, just needs to see that hey are okay. He does not care much for the vacuum but will require it often as he does shed quite a bit! Rain will need a home that can provide him the play and stimulation he needs but also a safe place when he gets overwhelmed. Rain does have a little bit of anxiety. He is good with Children, doesnt mind cats and loves to play with other dogs. Rain is crate trained but also seems to do okay out of his kennel. He will often retreat there at night to sleep and if hes relaxing in the room where it is set up.

Adult, Male, Large

Samson is a bit of a split personality dog. He is well behaved with his person, but he will take advantage of a bite opportunity with just about anyone else (anxiety/fear bite). We are working with him but his adoptive person will have to commit to training and protecting Samson from his worst side. He is a resource guarder and his person is his resource. He has not shown us consistent triggers. Samson has a bite history. Our foster dropped their guard and Samson took advantage and bit a teenager. We will not place Samson in a home with children as they are too unpredictable. Samson walks well on a leash and shows some interest in other people and dogs outside. Samson does show signs of separation anxiety.. He enjoys going for runs on a leash and has gone for about 3 miles at a time. Samson LOVES squeaky toys but needs some that are pretty tough. He is good at "sit", "stay", "lay", "come", "front" and "shake'. Samson has the potential to be a great companion for someone willing to put in the time and training dollars to work with him. UPDATE: Samson completed 7 weeks of K9 training and is choke chain trained. He has been better about strangers petting him while in leash but it's a slow process. Samson is currently on anxiety medicine to help him. He has not had any resource guarding issues with his current foster and even lays at his food bowl until the food is dumped in. Samson has interacted well with other dogs and has not shown aggression. Samson has nor shown issues with his paws being touched/cleaned/ or nails trimmed either. Samson will do well in a structured home with a strong handler. A single owner or couple with experience with dogs is recommended

Young, Male, Large

Witz is a beautiful black and tan female GSD. Witz loves people, ignores cats, but seems to be selective about dogs.

Adult, Female, Extra Large
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