Adoptable Dogs

  • All of our dogs are adopted as indoor house pets only. No outdoor runs or permanent tie-outs are allowed.
  • We adopt to residents of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri in locations we have volunteers.
  • All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and spayed or neutered prior to adoption.
  • GSDRI has the right to decline any applicant for any reason.
  • If you have questions, email

Hello, this is Aslan, a 2 year old long haired male German Shepherd Dog Aslan was surrendered by a family with young children. They were concerned that he would not be friendly around the other kids that would come and go into their house. Aslan never harmed anyone, but he has a loud long bark and is protective of the family unit. Strangers/door knockers are going to get an earful. Aslan may not do well in a house with a lot of people coming and going or small children. At his foster home Aslan is a very happy dog. He loves to be petted and scratched. Playing fetch with a squeaky tennis ball is one of his favorite activities in the yard (or house!) Aslan plays and gets along with three other large dogs. He loves walks too, when the leashes come out, he goes nuts. He is eager to please and if he feels you are mad at him he will give you small kisses to make it better. Aslan has had training and listens pretty well to basic commands. His recall is pretty good as he loves being with his humans. If invited up on the bed/chair, Aslan will cuddle, but if commanded to get down he does so and sleeps at the foot of the bed on his own pad. He doesnt gravitate toward furniture much, but prefers to stay at your feet. He will chew on bones and chewy toys (see ball above). The month hes been at his foster home he has not destroyed a single thing, even when left alone for a few hours. Aslan has only a small prey drive as he looks at squirrels and rabbits and our backyard chickens with curiosity, but has not given chase. He is VERY fast and could likely catch whatever he wants!! Kennel training is done, if needing to be secure for a bit. Aslan sees it as a safe spot as that is where he spent a couple days with us as he was decompressing. He does not need to be kenneled in the house. He is well potty trained and with asks with pushy nuzzling or whiny stares to be let outside. Aslan has been diagnosed with irritable small bowel. He is thin and needs some coaxing to eat his special food which he will need to be on for the rest of his years. The wrong proteins/fats will irritate his stomach, so treat/food selection is key. Aslan will be hard for us as fosters to give up as he is so loving and beautiful. Will you be his next great home???

Adult, Male, Large
Danny Boy
Danny BoyDanny Boy

Oh Danny Boy is what you will be saying once you have laid eyes upon this majestic companion. Danny is 1 to 2 years old and a pure white German shepherd. Danny is potty trained and kenneled trained (when bribed with a treat). Danny will need a fenced in yard to run and play as he does not do well on a leash because of his shyness. He will need someone willing to work/train him and to be patient, kind and gentle as he adjusts to his new home. Danny exhibits characteristics of a one or two-person companion in a calm atmosphere, as he seems to have a hard time opening up. We have detected zero aggression nor undesirable behavior however he does act scared/skittish around fast movement/certain sounds and will run to his kennel and hide. Once Danny opens up to you, a whole new dog presents itself, one of unadulterated love, curiosity and nose bops.

Young, Male, Large

Adult, Male, Large

Ginger is a rambunctious 18 month old female. delightful, smart and full of energy. She is still a puppy at heart. Loves to play and is curious about everything. She has a great personality and absolutely adores children. But, careful. Shes a jumper. She seems to get along fine with humans and other pets. She does bark. A LOT. when a person comes to the house. Heck, she even barks at me when I walk into a room. But the bark is harmless. After that, shes your best friend and if you have a treat to give her. she will be your buddy forever. She loves to go to the Iowa City North Dodge Hy-Vee in Iowa City. The staff at the gas station all know Ginger and love to come out and visit (and give her a treat). She knows that is part of her routine in the the point where she sleeps by the door in anticipation. Shes smart and strong. Takes a steady hand to hold on to her lease. She has been off the leash to play ball (oh, how she LOVES to play fetch) but watch out, she will take off if youre not looking.usually to a neighbor house with kids or others with dogs. For the most part, she is very good with commands. An eager learner as long as you have treats. Actually, there is not much negative to say about Ginger. She is a perfect pup. Granted she is young and as such tends to get into mischief from time to time. But, for the most part, she is well behaved, bright and loving. You couldnt ask for a better dog. But the best fit for her would be in a family with kids and LOTS of room to roam and run.

Adult, Female, Large

Adult, Female, Large

Jaeger is a big lovable boy. He has some quirks that you should be aware of. He loves people and plays and lives well with people. He is not confident around other dogs. His reaction to them is loud and could scare people. I think his reaction is "I'm going to eat you before you eat me." It is more nervous and anxious than aggression. But it is something that could be addressed with time and training. He also chases his tail, a lot.... Work on disrupting the behavior works,and have seen great improvements. We think the tail chasing is a result of being confined too much as a pup. He will likely need to be on medication for his anxiety. That helps a ton. We recommend that he lives in a house where he is the only animal (dog or cat). Because of his size, he may be best around older kids, as he is a gentle giant with people, but certainly does not know how big he is. So what is great about this rather large, beautiful Shepherd? Just about everything else. He is highly trainable, very intelligent, and very loving. Physically, he is a great looking dog, in very good health. We would be so excited for him to find his forever home. He is an awesome dog, and would make the right family an excellent companion.

Young, Male, Large

Kobe is a year old straight legged shepherd. He was born with a congenital birth defect which caused his rear leg muscles to adhere to the bones and prevent any type of bending. Kobe doesn't let it slow him down. He runs and runs and runs! Well, it's more of a hop, but he is fast. Kobe gets along great w kids and other dogs. We are working on socialization as he tends to be barky until he warms up to adults. Kobe is a typical landshark GSD. He loves his chew bones. Kobe will chew up any plushy toy he is given. Kobe will not require any specialized care for some time. We recommend joint supplements and a good healthy diet. Kobe can do 2 or 3 stairs without a problem so we are requiring a ranch style home with juat a couple of steps in and out. Don't let his straight legs fool you, Kobe is a terrific dog and will bring you great joy.

Young, Male, Large

Say hello to sweet Merah. Her name means "princess" and she defiantly is that but with a big side of sass! Merah was turned in to the shelter as a stray by someone who was suspected to be her owner. She was slightly reactive to humans due to fear. As soon as we got her out of the shelter setting she opened up and started loving life. She is good with other dogs as long as she is properly introduced. She will resource guard her human if allowed. Merah is happiest when she is with her human. She wants to work. She wants to run. She wants to be a good girl. When her human is around everything else fades. She is learning that fetch is fun and leaps like a gazelle to get the ball. She is extremely fast and agile. She is still timid on a leash and likes to circle her human when walking. She has quickly learned to go potty outside, kennel up, and sit. Merah is doing well with the cats, she likes to investigate them but quickly backs off once they swat her. She is good with kids although she does not know her size and is still a mouthy puppy. She will barrel right over a small child without even realizing that she did it. Her most favorite thing in the world besides running is snuggling up on the couch ON your lap. Once again she does not know her size. We would like to see Merah in an active home that will challenge her. She needs training, socialization, exercise, consistency, and stability. She will only be adopted out to an experienced GSD owner that has a plan to train her like she needs. Her foster home absolutely adores her and will only adopt her out to a home that checks all the boxes. Her foster home is currently working on: leash walking, jumping, personal space, boundaries, resource guarding other dogs from human.

Young, Female, Medium
Raja (FKA Courage)
Raja (FKA Courage)

Raja is a special case. She is truly a one person dog and will guard that person as a resource. We do not recommend her for a busy family. Raja will require someone dedicated to training and protecting her from herself. In return, Raja will be devoted. She will likely be the dog who has to be crated or put in a room away from company. Raja was a puppy mill breeder and hasn't escaped that trauma. She may well one day, until then she will require patience and total committmemt. Raja currently lives with a family of cats, dogs, and humans. She does well with most dogs, in fact, we want her to have a brother or a sister dog to show her the world is not so scary. Raja initially avoids the leash, but walks pretty well. Raja knows basic commands, and has quickly caught on to house training. Raja is food motivated, and takes all of her treats very gently. Raja would also thrive in a home with another dog to continue showing her the ropes. Raja is a good girl indoors, and is happy to lay at your feet while you read a book or watch TV.

Adult, Female, Large

Adult, Male, Small

Samson is a bit of a split personality dog. He is well behaved with his person, but he will take advantage of a bite opportunity with just about anyone else (anxiety/fear bite). We are working with him but his adoptive person will have to commit to training and protecting Samson from his worst side. He is a resource guarder and his person is his resource. He has not shown us consistent triggers. Samson has a bite history. Our foster dropped their guard and Samson took advantage and bit a teenager. We will not place Samson in a home with children as they are too unpredictable. Samson walks well on a leash and shows some interest in other people and dogs outside. Samson does show signs of separation anxiety.. He enjoys going for runs on a leash and has gone for about 3 miles at a time. Samson LOVES squeaky toys but needs some that are pretty tough. He is good at "sit", "stay", "lay", "come", "front" and "shake'. Samson has the potential to be a great companion for someone willing to put in the time and training dollars to work with him. UPDATE: Samson completed 7 weeks of K9 training and is choke chain trained. He has been better about strangers petting him while in leash but it's a slow process. Samson is currently on anxiety medicine to help him. He has not had any resource guarding issues with his current foster and even lays at his food bowl until the food is dumped in. Samson has interacted well with other dogs and has not shown aggression. Samson has nor shown issues with his paws being touched/cleaned/ or nails trimmed either. Samson will do well in a structured home with a strong handler. A single owner or couple with experience with dogs is recommended

Young, Male, Large

Sarge is a 2-3 year old that was a stray in Kansas. He made his way to Iowa where he is doing well. Sarge loves people, and he loves attention! He isnt happy unless hes getting lots of it. Hes friendly but startles easily when first getting to know his people and surroundings. He does not like sudden movements of small children getting in his face. It frightens him. He loves going on walks, and requires them so he is not bored. He is still learning leash training, but is improving. He will pull if he can. He currently lives with 3 other dogs in his foster home, and two older children. He gets along well with the resident dogs, and the kids. He loves them all! Sarge would do well with older, respectful children. He loves to give the 10 year old human of the house lots of kisses. Sarge enjoys squeaky toys, and nylabones. They make his life complete, and he is a clown with his toys. His favorite past time is ripping the stuffing out of the toys and scattering it around. He also loves to steal paper towels & Kleenex. Actually, he loves all paper goods. Hes a pretty happy guy. At bedtime, Sarge sleeps with free roam of the house. Hes also left free when his foster parents are out of the house. His ideal home would be one where he isnt alone a lot, where there are plenty of toys, and other dogs to befriend. Lots of exercise and training are critical to him being a happy, well adjusted dog.

Adult, Male, Large

Young, Female, Large

Witz is a beautiful black and tan female GSD. Witz loves people, ignores cats, but seems to be selective about dogs.

Adult, Female, Extra Large
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