Volunteer Opportunities

​GSDRI is always in need of volunteer homes to help us rescue and rehabilitate GSDs in need. By volunteering your home, you help us save more dogs. Because GSDRI does not have a shelter, we rely on volunteer homes to provide a safe, temporary home to prepare dogs for adoption. The more people who open their homes, the more dogs we can save. It’s a rewarding and fun way to make a difference in the life of a dog!

GSDRI covers all of the expenses for feeding and veterinary care of the dogs. You provide the love, care, patience, and training until the dog is adopted.

Yes! One of our volunteers will speak with you about your home.

One of our volunteers will speak with you about your home’s needs.

No. GSDRI requires all volunteer homes to be strictly inside. The dog must not be allowed or left unsupervised outdoors for extended periods of time.

Yes! GSDRI believes the volunteer home’s opinion is essential in proper placement.

You can adopt the dog! We call that being a “volunteer home failure!”

The time frame for volunteering your home for a dog is a minimum of three weeks. The dog will remain in your home until the dog is adopted. Many of our dogs are adopted in 2-3 months, but we cannot guarantee this time frame.

You are not required to volunteer your home for any dog that you do not wish. GSDRI will work on moving the dog as soon as possible.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us at info@gsdri.org